The Harsh Truth About Public Schools

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pr3SHOCKING FACT: 88% of evangelical Christian children are leaving the church and walking away from the faith within two years of graduating from public schools.

The reason for this is that Christian parents in America have given their children over to Caesar to be indoctrinated by a secular humanist, socialist, anti-Christian worldview “public school” system that is completely contrary to everything that the Bible stands for, to what Christian parents say they believe, and to the values, moral absolutes, ethics, and principles Jesus Christ and of the biblical Judeo-Christian worldview.

The vast majority of Christian children in America are not being educated according to Christ and his commandments, are not being discipled in the truth God has revealed in His Word, and are not being taught and mentored by their parents (or even by godly Christian teachers) according to the Biblical Educational Mandate as found in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Matthew 28:18-20, and Ephesians 6:4.

Please take a few minutes and watch a YouTube video that was recorded at a Southern Baptist Convention a few years ago. Go to Google and type in

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Parent Education

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pr2There’s an old saying that goes a bit like this, “If I knew better, I would do better.” Today parents are grappling with issues that no generation has experienced before. No one could have foreseen the effect television and computers have had on our society. Children are being exposed to everything, whether they are ready to understand it or not. There is a profound helplessness in the eyes of many parents as they desperately attempt to shield their children from the vile reality of life.

Of course all the abductions, murder, alcohol, drug abuse and abandonment existed years ago, but because our communication practices were so primitive, you fortunately or unfortunately did not have the opportunity to learn about every little detail of the event.

It is impossible to live in a cocoon and even if you could, the technology savvy communication conglomerates would find a way to beam information into your secluded little dwelling.

Parents must learn better ways of communicating with their children and providing them with information before it is obtained outside the


Parent Education Is Essential Tips

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While you can certainly wing it alone, you may find that some of the information that is provided during at a parent education workshop can help you to deal with parenting issues that arise. In some cases, you can even build a stronger bond between you and your child as well.

Generally, parenting affects all members of the family and the basics of this process will prove to be essential in the growth of your children. Common problems can easily be avoided and you can build a lasting and healthy relationship with your child with the elements that you learn as well. Of course, the choice is up to you on what you take from each parent education workshop that you attend.

When you are looking for parent education, you will find that it can be found in several different places. You will want to keep in mind that these are some of the options you will have. There may be other areas where you may find additional resources such as the internet or through friends and family as well.

Churches will offer it to


Deadly Myths about Public School

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Myth #1: “Public schools aren’t as good as private schools.”

First off, this is rather a meaningless assertion to begin with, since there’s no such thing as a “typical” public school. Because the American public school system is decentralized, quality varies tremendously. The fact is, however, that, depending on what indicator you choose to use, many public schools outperform private schools.

It is important to understand that knowledge has no address. Knowledge does not “reside” in one location or another. In fact, now that the internet has broken down nearly all the barriers that once limited information access, this reality is more true than ever. Your child can get a first class, quality education from your local public school.

Saying that private schools are “better” than public schools is a lot like saying that books you purchase from Barnes & Noble are “better” than those you obtain from your local public library. The knowledge, the access is the same. It’s what you (and your child) do with the books that matters. Likewise, it is what you and your child do with your public school that will determine his or her educational outcomes.


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Parent Education Is the Key to Increased Enrollment

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Good preschool gymnastics instructors know that gym schools have three customers; the mother, the father, and the student. Unlike school age programs where the students tell other friends about our programs, preschool classes survive on the parents telling other parents. If the parents aren’t fully aware of the philosophy of the gym, the objectives of the lessons, the basic purposes behind the curriculum, they can’t completely appreciate why they need to make an extra effort to get their child to class. The instructors know all the reasons why the program is so important to a child’s growth and development, but do the parents?

Parent education doesn’t stop with the information in your club brochure, that’s just the beginning. In order to effectively educate the parents, you must plan on educating them before, during, and after their child participates in each gymnastics class. Before Class Make sure the parents have a parent handbook before they walk into class. The handbook should contain information helping the parent understand the following information: philosophy of the gym, class objectives, class description, parent role, student role, basic child development, and class/gym rules. Parents will feel more involved if you provide them


Using Parenting Education

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There is no parenting handbook. Nobody knows the perfect way to parent. There are no set guidelines for being the best parent ever. Everyone wings it. Everyone goes through the process of trying out methods and learning from mistakes.

There is a common parenting joke abut how the first child is always the ‘test child’, meaning that parents try out everything they know about parenting and learn what works and what does not work. This is probably very true. Most of parenting is all abut learning as you go.

There are sources of parenting education though that can help you learn the basics. They can give you advice and things to try out. They will help you confront common problems and learn how to deal with things every parent deals with. Parenting education is a great resource to use.

Ways to Find Parenting Education

Parenting education is available through a range of sources. You may find parenting education at:

– church

– hospital

– doctor

– government

You will find a variety of educational resources. There are classes on almost everything you can think of.

Popular Parenting


How Parent Education Prevents Child Physical Abuse

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Parenting is one life endeavor that nobody gets trained for and yet the destiny of a child rests on it. Professions like medicine, law, engineering, etc, have a body of knowledge that must be mastered before a person is certified; in parenting no proficiency in a formal body of knowledge or acquisition of child-rearing skills is required before having children.

It is a fact of life that a parent prepared for life-changes associated with child rearing is a parent forearmed to surmount the stress of child rearing. Parenting education entails transmission of information, creating awareness about the needs of a child at different stages of life and also imparting skills that a parent needs to rear his/her child. With the right methods of child rearing, parental stress is minimized and this translates to better parent-child relationship.

Parents through education must be told that their life experiences can affect their relationship with their child unless such issues are dealt with through professional counseling. They must be able to identify issues in their lives that could make them disposed to abusing their child physically. For example, a parent that was physically abused as a child who is


Are Your NICU Parent Education Handouts

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Do your parent education handouts look like they were created 20-30 years ago?

You know what I’m talking about. The grainy black and white handouts where all the therapists and nurses have perms?

Or maybe you make copies of pediatric therapy illustrations then find yourself adapting them (i.e. writing all over them) for NICU patients and parents.

These materials can summed up as, “Not ideal or current, but better than nothing.” Am I close?

Updating educational handouts seems like an easy enough task. But that assumes 2 things: 1) that you even HAVE handouts to update and 2) that creating a professional, hospital-approved handout is a piece of cake. I mean why don’t you just whip that up during your 14 minute lunch one day?


The reason so many of these materials are out of date is because it takes time, collaboration and dog-with-a-bone persistence to create anything new. And finding NICU appropriate examples to draw from is sometimes (read: usually) a lonely, frustrating adventure.

A Light!

One of your fellow NANT members, Sue McMahon PT, DPT, PCS wrote and recently published an article that’s sure to

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Single Parent Education Grants

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Thinking about getting your degree again? There has never been a better time to head back to college if you are a single parent. There’s no denying that our economy is sagging, and many families are struggling simply to keep their homes and jobs. But, there is hope. Recent government grants have been matched by private organizations, and grant money is flying all over the place!

Online searches are peaking involving single mother grants for online college. Getting a degree comes in many mediums now, as online classes are nearing sit-in class enrollment numbers. It’s obvious that these classes are far more convenient for a single parent, but also tend to be more expensive. In this light, there are several new single parent education grants to offset these costs.

When a candidate receives as much as $10,000 in grant money, attending college becomes much easier and their focus can stay where it belongs: with their family. It was imperative that the government create a single parent scholarship fund.

Economic woes often lead to a spike in collegiate enrollment. It becomes obvious that with economic recovery, good jobs will require a degree. If those hit


Parental Education and Child Education Save Young Lives

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ONE SHOT! A Child Fatality – Gun Safes and Parent Education Save Lives

As a father, and like the majority of fathers, I wake every day and think about my children, knowing I am going to be able to talk to them, maybe even give them some useful advice, sometimes hear them tell me I’m a dinosaur and above all know they are there to cuddle and love. My greatest fear and I’m sure I speak for all parents who love their children is that one of my kids should pass away before me.

To some, articles on accidental gun deaths and injuries to children and the associated appeals for gun safety is a recurring theme that has been done so often it no longer has any impact for readers. For families that have experienced the tragedy of child gun deaths and injuries this complacency about gun safety can never be tolerated. Nor can it be tolerated until we stop seeing newspaper headlines like the Associated Press article posted on 14th March 2012.

“Death of Washington boy third gun accident in 3 weeks”

It is only March 2012 and here we have the


Parents Education Handling an Out of Control Teenager Tips

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As a parent, you should determine which acts are categorized as healthy or unhealthy rebellion. This period can make your teenagers take many kinds of acts like not responding to what you are talking about, or defiant behavior includes sexual activities, abuse, drug, and alcohol. Find out the signals from your teenagers and try to understand what she or he wants. When you find them talking back to you, it can be a way to assert their autonomy.

After finding out their problems, you can try to reveal this smoothly to make them less irritable. Out of control is an act show you that she or he have a serious problem and is frustrated about it. Then you can try to approach them to help solve those problems. According to the reasons of their behavior, you can try to help them by the correct ways to fix it.

In the effort to help your children, you should not blame them at all instead; you will only find them more defiant. Some people think that children who rebellious her parents should be blamed to stop her acts. However, it actually doesn’t help the problems in any


Parenting Education and Children

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What makes one child excited and another fearful about trying new experiences?

What makes one child put forth extensive effort toward something and another give up easily in discouragement?

What makes one child intensely curious and another closed down to new learning?

It is their set of beliefs – their way of thinking – that determines their behavior and outlook. Their beliefs determine their frame of mind, their approach to life, their attitude about themselves and their abilities.

Beliefs That Promote Learning, Beliefs That Promote Fear

What kind of beliefs foster openness to learning and what kind of beliefs create a sense of fear and limitation?

Surprisingly, beliefs such as “I am smart” or “I am talented” or “I am gifted” tend to create limitation rather than openness. When children are told, “You are so smart” or “You are so talented,” they have a tendency to get attached to the approval of being smart or talented and may become fearful of failure. They may decide that if they put forth great effort toward learning something and they fail, that this will prove that they are not as smart or as talented

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Educators and Doctors Choose Them

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The educational and developmental skills of children have been a concern of educators and parents for decades in the United States. From public school, to home school and the advent of charter cyber school, the concern and war against illiteracy marches on. On January 8, 2002 the “No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001” was sign into law by President George W. Bush. The NCLB Act places great emphasis upon improving the educational performance of children in primary and secondary schools in the United States. However, the NCLB Act does not consider children in the early childhood development ages, 1 -5 years of age.

Studies indicate that the brain region that helps children sense and interpret the world around them is dramatically affected by early childhood experiences. Most researchers agree that the early years of a child’s development are the most critical and it is during these early years that educational and developmental skills prepare children for their future.

The truth be known, any toy that a child engages during playtime as well as every experience they have does affect and develop the brain. However, educational toys because of there interactive nature, when introduced into


Parents Educate Themselves On Teenage Gambling Addiction

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Parents now realize if their teenager develops a compulsive gambling addiction their future course of action and time involvement is unknown. This isn’t something that is here today and gone tomorrow.

Compulsive teenagers with a gambling addiction have one or more of the following in common:

1. School grades drop

2. Social development decreases

3. Low self esteem

4. Self destructive behavior

5. Asking you why this happened to them?

6. Thinking suicide is the only way out.

7. Stealing

8. Pawning personal possessions

9. Negative Attitude

10. Cutting School

11. Disappearing for long periods of time

12. Blaming the parent because they gamble too.

13. Working a part time job to pay off debts

14. Stopped after school activities

15. Watched poker tournaments on cable and television

16. I tried to stop but I couldn’t

Parents have been forced to educate themselves on the above when confronted with their teenager’s gambling addiction. From there they try to find answers instead they have more questions. They are not looking to point the finger but really to get help for their

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Parent Education Through Parent Teacher Association

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The norms in academics are getting more and more stringent, the curriculum at school is getting larger and new age moms and dads are becoming busier. There is a huge gap between what the children do at school and the extent to which parents are being able to help students. Neither is it the fault of the school which is expanding the curriculum in order to prepare the students to take up challenges in future, nor is it the fault of parents who are working hard to secure the future of their wards. Nevertheless, the disparity between the children and parents has to be reduced and this is where the role of a Parent Teacher association fits in.

Parent teacher associations are often seen as a mere parent-teacher meeting organizations where discussions about children happens between the teachers and parents. But in reality, PTA has a lot more to it than mere meetings. It plays an important role in building strong relationships among parents, teachers and schools with the ultimate aim of supporting students.

PTAs serve as venues in discussing about educational issues concerning the child. It is not just a one on one meeting

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Parental Education For Child

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It is difficult to find anybody that is not connected to the Internet in some way or another. As parents, we may also use the Internet on a regular basis as a means of convenience or perhaps even through work. Our children, however, look at the Internet in an entirely different way and they may be connected to the Internet at all times through their computers, cell phones and other handheld electronic devices. In order to make sure of your child’s safety, you may need to educate yourself so that you are aware of what is going on.

There is plenty of information that is available online which can help you to educate yourself about your child’s computer usage. At times, it is a matter of putting a simple program on their computer which will record the websites that they visit and the chats that they are involved in. At other times, it is simply understanding what is going on so that you can have an intelligent conversation with your children instead of simply taking their word on what is happening.

Another thing that you can do to educate yourself is to take advantage of


Advice For Parents & Educators

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For the past 10 years, child on child violence has been increasing. Physical abuse, harassment, and robbery have driven many victims to substance abuse or suicide. The US Justice Department says 80% of all students have been the victims of some form of Bullying.

It’s time to start “Taking the Bully by the Horns.”


What do you do when your child doesn’t understand why he (or she) is getting picked on by other kids? Through anger, tears, and frustration your child asks if he can change schools.

First let’s define “bullying.” Bullying consists of purposely directed threats, physical attacks, words, gestures, or social exclusion. Bullies try to “control” their victims by making them feel small so they can feel big.

Sometimes kids get so sick of being victims, that they become the “Bullies.” They feel so bad about themselves and think that controlling someone else will make them feel better or help distract from their own problems. In my book, “Taking the Bully by the Horns,” I refer to this as the “Bully Cycle.” Bullies creating more bullies.

Your child admitted to you he’s being bullied which is the first

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Parents Need Education

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The term Parent Education is commonly used to cover the many ways which parents are assisted in bringing up physically and emotionally healthy children. This applies to everything from your doctor’s recommendation to hints picked up at a parents meeting. There are so many countless information and from so many sources that it is a little wonder that sometimes parents education appears to be confusing.

Let’s take a look at why it is receiving this attention these days.

1. We now have at our disposal added scientific information about the way children grow and develop.

2. Parents feel they need more outside help.

Many adults live unhappy, maladjusted lives because of the way their childhood went and again and question arises. What can we do about a childs upbringing that will help him to develop into a sensibly happy, stable adult?

It is in seeking the answers from these questions that expert investigators’ have been able to provide some dependable guideposts.

Why modern parents do needs more special education in child training, than their grandparents? The answer is that a great many people today are living under entirely different circumstances than


How Can We Handle the Parenting

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Are you raising children right now? Do you ever have days when you are so stressed out, you wonder if you will survive it? If either question rings true, I have some positive parenting tips for you. I am not a professional child psychologist, social worker, or have any degree in child development. The only parenting education degree I hold is my “mommy” degree.

Being married with children, I have raised 3 completely different and individual kids to adulthood. Our daughter is a free spirit and an artist. Our middle son is a Sargent in the U. S. Marine Corp. Our youngest son, who is 24 years old, is a 6 figure entrepreneur and business owner, and has been since he was 20 years old. They are all completely different and I am proud of each one of them! Would it make sense that each child has been a unique learning experience for my husband and I?

When you are raising children, every day is a different experience. Some days we really get to practice our sense of humor. Other days are just plain stressful. Face it, children are not angels 100% of the time.


Single Parent and Mother Grants for Online College

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There has never been a better time to get back in school and finish that degree. Why? The answer is simple involves renewed government awareness regarding the importance of education. Funds have been allocated to be used as single mother grants for online college endeavors, and the effects have been very impressive.

Our economy is still recovering, and many families are struggling to make ends meet. Raising a family requires quite a bit of money, but if the dollars aren’t there, there don’t seem to be many options. The government has finally heard your voice, and upped the ante on single parent education grants.

There are free $1-10,000 allotments and are available from the single parent scholarship fund other scholarships, and most importantly, they never need to be repaid!

School is very expensive when considering tuition, books, child care, and other living expenses. The funds are available online, and you’ll never need to stress again. After all, online courses are designed to keep you at home. This will maximize your presence with your children, which is also very important.

All single women can qualify for certain single mother grants for online college, and the